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Helping Entrepreneurs Raise Their Dreams

When entrepreneurs connect and collaborate, they have the capacity to achieve incredible success and create stronger, more sustainable communities. Today’s entrepreneurial environment provides infinite resources that can help you reach your goals. But first you need a workable plan and connections to the right resources.

My name is Rebecca Kirstein, and I am a serial entrepreneur. I am also a speaker, educator, idea generator, team builder, collaborator, and connector — a conduit to the best knowledge resources for entrepreneurs.

I help others navigate the challenges and pitfalls of meeting their business goals — whether that means establishing a venture, developing hidden potential, taking business to the next level, or generating support for an idea — so they can move toward real success for themselves and their communities.

Think of me as a concierge who can direct you to the experts who will help your business thrive.

Ways to work with me:

Group and individual training & mentoring

Online training


Sponsorships and partnerships

Contact me to find out how collaboration can help you raise your dream.  

A little about me…

Before I am an entrepreneur, I am a daughter and a mother. I am sandwiched between the legacy of my own mother, whose inability to recognize her unlimited potential led to despair and addiction, and my daughter, who thrives despite living with chronic illness and who sees opportunity to make a difference in her own life and the lives of others at every difficult intersection she encounters.

In order for people to experience the true joy of life, we must become who we are meant to be. For those of us who choose to go into business for ourselves, transforming our passion, creative energy, and inherent talent into viable income is a risky venture. But I believe the rewards of living an authentic, fully actualized life are worth the risk.

Over the years, I have played roles in a long list of ventures. The experiences I have encountered in business – the wild successes, the awesome mistakes, and all the lessons in between – can be useful to new entrepreneurs. I am a connector and a collaborator and a business advisor sharing experience and knowledge from the entrepreneurial front lines. I keep my finger on the pulse of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Victoria and beyond, and it brings me immense joy to connect people who need help getting their businesses to prosper with people who have the expertise to get them there.

Successful local businesses are the backbone of our community, and I am fired up to contribute to the success of others so that we may all thrive. Scroll down to see the businesses I am actively involved with at present.

My Businesses

Rebecca Kirstein – BK Studios

BK Studios Photographers in Victoria BC focuses on innovative business photography. Pictures – more so than ever before – are worth a thousand words. In a matter of milliseconds your customers decide if they identify with your brand, and your brand’s visual elements are the deciding factor. BK Studios takes the photos that tell your story.

Rebecca Kirstein – Metier Investments Corp.

Metier Investment Corporation is a real estate investment company dedicated to long term real estate investments that provide much needed affordable and sustainable long term rental housing for tenants while providing a profitable return for investors.

Rebecca Kirstein – Portraits for the People

Portraits for the People is a non-profit initiative that has given away hundreds of free portraits in the community of Victoria in partnership with BK Studios and The Cridge Centre for the Family. Portraits for the People is preserving family histories, one family at a time. Not only that, we are encouraging other businesses to find ways give back through collaboration. Join the movement.

Rebecca Kirstein – The Freebird Collective

We are a fabulous flock of branding and marketing experts who share a vision. We see every business – no matter what size, nature, or years of experience – represented by your own one-of-a-kind brand story that is exceptional, relevant, and strategic. We know branding matters. The Freebirds are dedicated to helping your business hatch a plan and grow your business.


Imagine your next event, tour, or launch taking on new levels of success through the power of partnerships. At Raise a Dream, we teach people how to use collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship to take their vision from big idea to global brand, by securing corporate partners and champions, engaging in-kind and funding partners, and forming strategic partnerships.

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In 2016, we launched the inaugural Rethink Thinking: The Summit, a creative event to empower youth to become collaborative, critical thinkers and problem solvers for the complex, open-ended challenges they face tomorrow. The now-annual two-day event features world-class speakers, inspirational entertainment, and unique idea-generating methods to draw out the most interesting conversations and ideas from youth.

What people are saying…

“Rebecca is extremely resourceful, gentle and generous. She is one of the most entrepreneurial people I have ever crossed paths with and there is no doubt in my mind Rebecca is a game changer and will leave a mark that will benefit the many.”

— Peter Elkins

“I can’t wait to work with Rebecca again, she made everything easy to understand and brought so many unique and useful ideas to the table.”

— Maria Miller

“Rebecca’s commitment and passion for community, education, and collaboration is inspirational. Big results require big ambitions and she certainly has them. Rebecca never hesitates to share her expertise, resources or successes. Clients and colleagues alike benefit from her incredible collaborative approach.”

— Kim Timothy, Boutique by Design

“Rebecca Kirstein is one of those rare individuals who is more remarkable in person than even their glowing bio reads.  Having overcome incredible odds as a teenager, Rebecca built and created a successful life without the support that most people enjoy.

Rebecca is a successful business owner who has gone on to create a business mentoring collective that assists other small business owners in achieving their own success.  She uses an approach of synergy, collaboration and inspired belief in others to successfully see that those around her achieve their own dreams.

A champion of the concept of mentoring for business and life, Rebecca shares her experience of the kinds of dramatic results she’s inspired as a mentor of youth and women in business.”

— Graham R. White, Effective Ethical Marketing

“To experience the true joy of life, we must become who we are meant to be.”


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